Advanced Wing Tsun: Month 1

For Primary Level Technician to Second Level Technician

We are now at the beginning of the ninth month cycle for the Advanced Technician Training Program.  This month’s chi sau topics will focus on the first biu tze chi sau program.  In addition to this, the sparring topic for all advanced levels (WT-301, Adv. TTP, Senior TTP) will be on Positional Controls.   The following is a breakdown:


Chi Sau Topic: Biu Tze 1

Week 1 – The “first lock” or “elbow slapping lock” and its defense.  This lock comes from the chum kiu’s paak jaang sau (slap elbow technique) sequence.   While learning this lock, you will also learn how to relax the arm and shoulder to apply the defense. 

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


Tips: As always focus on your chum kiu and siu nim tau forms, working to improve their execution.


Practical Topic: Positional Controls

Positional Controls are special tactics which utilize techniques similar to locks to position oneself away from the strikes of the opponent. During this month students will integrate Positional Control techniques and tactics into the regular sparring training.


Skill Development

While Wing Tsun is not a system known for locks or grappling (kum na), the system does contain a few basic locking techniques. Locking techniques can be useful for controlling and opponent as well as turning the opponent into a less advantageous position. One of the biggest take-aways for this month should be how to defend common standing locks - learning how to relax the arm and slide out is vital.