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The City Wing Tsun Athletic Association is a network of martial art schools in North America dedicated to promoting the amazing benefits of Wing Tsun kung fu by setting the highest bar for standards and quality instruction. 

Unique, Functional, Intelligent -

Wing Tsun is the Art of Self-Defense

Wing Tsun (pronounced "wing chun") is one of the most effective and popular forms of martial arts in the world today.  Our Wing Tsun (WT) comes from the lineage of the late Grandmaster Yip Man, teacher of Bruce Lee.  Wing Tsun would achieve world-wide exposure through the efforts of Sifu Leung Ting and many others.  More recently the art of Wing Tsun gained much exposure through the Ip Man (erroneous spelling of Yip Man) films of Donnie Yen and Anthony Wong.  The City Wing Tsun Athletic Association proudly teaches Wing Tsun in a very modern and organized teaching program designed to help all students achieve their goals. 


Wing Tsun is a rare gem of Chinese martial arts - traditional and classical, yet modern and functional.  Students engage in many old-school exercises such as forms, solo-drills, and unique partner training methods.  Rather than relying on brute strength or pre-arranged sequences, Wing Tsun applies unique principles and strategies to insure victory against a bigger and more aggressive opponent.  Wing Tsun will not only challenge you physically, but will also teach you how to examine all forms of interaction in life using its principles and strategies. 


Wing Tsun is based on using the body in an efficient and practical manner against aggression.  The techniques of Wing Tsun are very straight-forward, practical, and based on principles rather than acrobatic displays of athleticism.  The techniques of Wing Tsun work within a natural range of motion and don't require extreme flexibility or strength to work.  In a very unique way, Wing Tsun adapts its strategies according to the opponent's attack and adaptation and yielding to greater force allow the practitioner to defend different types of attacks. 


Wing Tsun aims simply to simplify.  Offense and defense are performed at the same time rather than in the typical "block/counter' method often seen.  High kicks won't work if you are wearing your favorite hipster skinny jeans, high heels, or if you simply have not warmed up yet.  For this reason Wing Tsun uses low-line kicking to maintain balance and effectiveness.  When encountering a greater force such as a punch or punch, the Wing Tsun defender will stick to the opponents attack and yield to it rather than try to stop it.   


Our NYC HQ is the flagship school and main trainer academy.  Martial art enthusiasts the world over travel to NYC to learn Wing Tsun from our world-class team. 



  • 4 Wooden Dummies

  • Traditional canvas wall-bags

  • Classical hard floor (5FL) and matted floors (4FL)

  • Heavy bags (thai-bags, tear-drop, speed bags)

  • Special Wing Tsun balance beams

  • Syntha-Bag

  • Focus mitts & kick shields

  • Long poles & traditional Chinese weapons

  • Kettlebells

  • TRX Suspension 

  • Concept 2 Rower

  • Wi-Fi & Kung Fu Movies

  • Drama-free training


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

— Lao Tzu


Sifu Alex Richter

Dubbed the "Kung Fu Genius" by his peers, Sifu Alex Richter is one of the most high-profile Wing Tsun (wing chun) instructors teaching in North America today.  Alex has been studying martial arts since the age of eight, and by the age of fifteen he already earned a black belt in Taekwondo.   During his late teen years he began training in wing chun, grappling, and other kung fu systems.  By age twenty, Alex started training in Sifu Leung Ting's brand of Wing Chun know as Wing Tsun (WT).  This art would become his life's passion. 

His specialty is seamlessly blending the Hong Kong style Wing Tsun with modern Western teaching systems and progressions.   Sifu Alex's attention to detail, coupled with his intense knowledge of Chinese culture has put him into his own category.   Sifu Alex has learned from many of the top masters in the Wing Tsun world including renown Hong Kong Sifu's such as Grandmaster Leung Ting, Cheng Chuen Fun, Lee Yun Tim, Carson Lau and top European masters such as Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht and many others. 

In recent years Sifu Alex has graced the cover of Wing Chun Illustrated and has been featured in major martial art publications internationally.  Outside of the martial arts press he has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, USA Today, The Discovery Channel, and PBS.  Recently Vice Magazine did an entire feature on Sifu Alex's life and school in NYC.

Ranking System

The City Wing Tsun Athletic Association promotes its students and higher levels within a similar structure created by Wing Tsun grandmaster Sifu Leung Ting.  A number of modifications to both the teaching program and the ranking system have been made to make the ranking system fair, transparent, and maintain high standards. In the CWTAA Technician and Practitioner Levels are not synonymous with "instructor".  All instructors must received additional intensive training in our Leadership program to be qualified as an instructor.  Unlike many Wing Tsun associations however, it is possible to learn the entire Wing Tsun system without having to be an instructor. 

Student Levels (SL)

The City Wing Tsun Athletic Association uses 12 Student Levels (SL) to teach all the fundamental training.  Students begin at SL0 and work their way up through the ranks to SL12.  The 12 Student Levels are further divided into three phases: WT-101 (SL0-SL3), WT-201 (SL4-SL9), and WT-301 (SL10 - SL12).  From a traditional standpoint, the 12 Student Levels cover the curriculum of the first two forms (siu nim tau & chum kiu) in theory, practice, and application. 

Technician Levels (TL)

The advanced and senior levels in Wing Tsun are known as Technician Levels.  This stage, which is from Primary Level Technician to Third Level Technician, focuses on the advanced programs and deep study of Wing Tsun's concepts in application.  Technician training is taught in a progressive fashion without secrets, mysticism, or politics.  Qualified Technicians will be eligible to learn Wing Tsun weapons as well.  The entire study of the classical Hong Kong Wing Tsun is completed in this phase. 

Practitioner Levels (PL)

The Practitioner Levels (4PL-6PL) are the highest ranks in the City Wing Tsun Athletic Association.  Please note that in contrast to other WT Associations, the CWTAA uses the modern term "Practitioner" and not the archaic term "Practician".   Practitioners are considered masters of Wing Tsun, although the term "master" does not mean an end, but rather a beginning.  Practitioners are encouraged to help develop the system further.  The 7th & 8th Levels in CWTAA are reserved for Master Instructors with years of experience teaching.