10 Reasons to Join...

  1. IMPROVE MOBILITY & COORDINATION - two vital aspects of a healthy lifestyle
  2. CONFIDENCE to defend yourself transfers to all aspects of life, like asking for a raise or going on a date!
  3. TRAIN in a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere with like-minded peers
  4. GOAL-ORIENTED training with regular progress checks enables you to realize goals in all aspects of life
  5. EFFECTIVE STRESS-RELIEF for a healthier life and the ability to express yourself calmly
  6. FITNESS without the monotony of the gym
  7. REALISTIC SELF-DEFENSE and violence prevention without mysticism or pretentiousness
  8. QUALIFIED instructors focused on their students' development
  9. POSITIVE and helpful environment focused on growth and personal improvement without jock culture
  10. AUTHENTIC Hong Kong style Wing Tsun organized and taught in a modern way

Are you interested in learning more about our specially designed Intro Programs in NYC? Our Intro Programs are by appointment only and spots fill up very quickly. Click here to learn more or to sign up for an Introductory Class.

Visitors (From Other WT/WC/VT Schools):

Students from various schools of Wing Tsun (wing chun/ving tsun) regularly visit the City Wing Tsun NYC HQ for training. Please contact us in advance if you plan to visit NYC for training.  You may use the contact form below or email citywtoffice@gmail.com or call (347)220-8611 for more information.

Other Branches

If you are interested in our other Partner School locations, please click here.