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A perfect blend of traditional and modern martial arts for self-development

When we think about martial arts, the first thing that comes to our mind is self-defense. But the reality is quite the opposite. It is more than self-defense. Martial arts is an art form that helps in character development.

City Wing Tsun is the best martial arts school in New York that makes sure to add value with the services it offers. Our classes and programs are designed so that you get to benefit from every perspective, whether it is self-defense or increasing your focus.

At City Wing Tsun, we have highly skilled and experienced Sifu that have simplified the whole learning process. We have the recourses and necessary training equipment to help you develop your body and mind. If you are keen to book martial arts classes in New York, we have tailored programs as per your needs. Learning martial arts seems to be a perfect way to become a better version of yourself.

What makes us stand out?

Practical and proven techniques:

City Wing Tsun is not just another martial arts school that teaches you self-defense. We have highly skilled and professional Sifu who have years of experience. The Sifu’s make sure that learning is made easy for you. Therefore, we offer a fun and supportive environment where you can learn proven skills for self-development.

Various learning programs for all:

We believe in adding value to our services; we offer multiple programs. We have designed these programs to fit the needs of various individuals depending on the knowledge one has about the martial art form Wing Tsun. Our programs are well structured and cover all the fundamentals that will help you strengthen your base and follow strict standards of quality and precision.

Unmatched private training sessions with experts:

If you are looking for advanced-level training that can help you level up in the martial arts form, you have come to the right place. You can enroll for private, intense training sessions with our Sifus and learn valuable lessons and skills from their experience over the years.

The comfort of Online Lessons:

On a similar note, we also offer live and unlimited access to recorded classes if commuting is a concern for you. The online sessions are also conducted by experienced Sifu’s who make sure to teach you valuable skills. These online sessions are available at reasonable prices.

Why choose us?

City Wing Tsun is a trusted and reputed name for learning martial arts. We offer one of the best training lessons that will strengthen your foundation. In a way, our training programs are an ideal choice for your needs that will help you transform your life. As one of the leading martial arts schools in New York that offers a perfect blend of traditional and modern martial arts, we can efficiently accommodate your needs.

Make sure you look for our intense training programs as a professional. Book your slots today for online or offline martial art classes in easy steps.

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