Ranking System

The City Wing Tsun Athletic Association promotes its students and higher levels within a similar structure created by Wing Tsun grandmaster Sifu Leung Ting.  A number of modifications to both the teaching program and the ranking system have been made to make the ranking system fair, transparent, and maintain high standards. In the CWTAA Technician and Practitioner Levels are not synonymous with "instructor".  All instructors must received additional intensive training in our Leadership program to be qualified as an instructor.  Unlike many Wing Tsun associations however, it is possible to learn the entire Wing Tsun system without having to be an instructor. 

Student Levels (SL)

The City Wing Tsun Athletic Association uses 12 Student Levels (SL) to teach all the fundamental training.  Students begin at SL0 and work their way up through the ranks to SL12.  The 12 Student Levels are further divided into three phases: WT-101 (SL0-SL3), WT-201 (SL4-SL9), and WT-301 (SL10 - SL12).  From a traditional standpoint, the 12 Student Levels cover the curriculum of the first two forms (siu nim tau & chum kiu) in theory, practice, and application. 

Technician Levels (TL)

The advanced and senior levels in Wing Tsun are known as Technician Levels.  This stage, which is from Primary Level Technician to Third Level Technician, focuses on the advanced programs and deep study of Wing Tsun's concepts in application.  Technician training is taught in a progressive fashion without secrets, mysticism, or politics.  Qualified Technicians will be eligible to learn Wing Tsun weapons as well.  The entire study of the classical Hong Kong Wing Tsun is completed in this phase. 

Practitioner Levels (PL)

The Practitioner Levels (4PL-6PL) are the highest ranks in the City Wing Tsun Athletic Association.  Please note that in contrast to other WT Associations, the CWTAA uses the modern term "Practitioner" and not the archaic term "Practician".   Practitioners are considered masters of Wing Tsun, although the term "master" does not mean an end, but rather a beginning.  Practitioners are encouraged to help develop the system further.  The 7th & 8th Levels in CWTAA are reserved for Master Instructors with years of experience teaching.