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Are you confused about the Wing Tsun you are learning? 

Not sure what gwo sau or da lat sau really mean? 
Are advanced programs presented to you in a complicated and convoluted way? 
Perhaps it is time to train with Sifu Alex Richter, aka The Kung Fu Genius.


Sifu Alex Richter founded City Wing Tsun in NYC back in 2002. Since then he has taught Hong Kong Wing Tsun to instructors and students from all over the world. His experience as a student at Langenzell Castle coupled with nine years of direct study with Grandmaster Leung Ting and Sifu Carson Lau put him in a category of his own. Sifu Alex is able to pinpoint many common misunderstandings western Wing Tsun players have and is able to contextualize the Hong Kong system without mysticism and secrets. 


Sifu Alex Richter has been providing online video training for many of his remote instructors for years. As a result, he is very experienced in using this medium for providing quality Wing Tsun instruction to those who already have a knowledge base in Wing Tsun. 


Now Sifu Alex Richter is providing online training for Wing Tsun instructors the world over who want to sharpen their knowledge base and improve their skills. Additionally, Sifu Alex enjoys helping instructors create more structured programs for their students in their schools.  

Now is your chance to learn directly from him from the comfort of your home or school. 

Learn his tried and true methods to improve your own skills and improve the way you teach in your schools.

All programs will be tailor-made to fit your needs and goals and include printed materials. 
Students are able and encouraged to bring a partner to practice with during interactive lessons.

We offer packages specifically for correction and instruction on previously learned components of the Wing Tsun Curriculum.

All sessions are 45 minutes and are structured as follows:

  • Single Lesson (Consultation Rate)

  • 5-Lesson Package

  • 10-Lesson Package

If you are interested in learning previously unlearned components, Sifu Alex can teach them in program packages.  Each program package will be tailored to your needs after an initial consultation. 


We offer the following packages:

  • Siu Nim Tau Form

  • Wing Tsun 101 Program (Siu Nim Tau Level Applications)

  • Chum Kiu Form

  • Wing Tsun 201 Program (Chum Kiu Applications & Double Arm Chi Sau)

  • Wing Tsun 301 Program (Advanced Chum Kiu Applications & Double Arm Chi Sau)

  • Biu Tze Form

  • Biu Tze Chi Sau

  • Biu Tze Applications

  • Full Biu Tze Program (All three)

  • Wooden Dummy Form

  • Wooden Dummy Chi Sau

  • Wooden Dummy Applications

  • Full Wooden Dummy Program (All three)

  • Long Pole Form

Please note: All new private lesson students must first apply to do a Consultation Lesson with Sifu Alex.

If you are interested in online private lessons with Sifu Alex Richter,
please fill out the form below to apply for a Consultation Lesson.
A member from our team will get back to you very soon!

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Don't want to wait?
You can also book Online Private Lessons with one of our elite CWTAA instructors.

Train with Sifu Barry Cooper

Sifu Barry Cooper is an Elite CWTAA Team Member. With over 13 years of Wing Tsun training and over 8 years experience teaching Wing Tsun, you know you are in excellent hands. Sifu Barry not only teaches classes at our CWTAA Headquarters in Manhattan, he also owns and operates his own branch of the CWTAA, Element Wing Tsun. Select a private Lesson Package below.

Train with Sifu Craig Savino

Sifu Craig Savino is an Elite CWTAA Team Member. He has over 25 years of Martial Arts experience and has trained Wing Tsun under Sifu Alex for over 12 years. Sifu Craig has taught as a WT instructor for 9 years and rose to the rank of Head Instructor at our CWTAA HQ in Manhattan!

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