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The headquarters of the City Wing Tsun Athletic Association (CWTAA) regularly sees visitors from all over the world.  

Although the worldwide Wing Tsun (WT) scene has become a bit splintered in the last few years, the CWTAA accepts all visitors regardless of affiliation. However, due to the sheer volume of requests for training, it is not always possible to accommodate every visitor. Please contact us for more information.

Lessons at the NYC HQ are taught on a curriculum cycle. As such, visitors from other schools may find it difficult to join a class in the middle of a cycle that they may not be familiar with. For that reason we suggest visitors to take private instruction with a qualified Sifu-level instructor. At that time, your instructor can determine whether you are eligible to take group training during your stay in NYC.  

Please email us here or visit to set up training while you are visiting New York!

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