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The City Wing Tsun Athletic Association (CWTAA) is a network of martial art schools dedicated to promoting the art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu and its amazing benefits by setting the highest bar for standards and quality instruction.


Wing Tsun (pronounced "wing chun") is one of the most effective and popular forms of martial arts in the world today. Our Wing Tsun (WT) comes from the lineage of the late Grandmaster Yip Man, teacher of Bruce Lee. Wing Tsun would achieve world-wide exposure through the efforts of Sifu Leung Ting and many others. More recently the art of Wing Tsun gained much exposure through the Ip Man (erroneous spelling of Yip Man) films of Donnie Yen and Anthony Wong. The City Wing Tsun Athletic Association proudly teaches Wing Tsun in a very modern and organized teaching program designed to help all students achieve their goals.


Wing Tsun is a rare gem of Chinese martial arts - traditional and classical, yet modern and functional. Students engage in many old-school exercises such as forms, solo-drills, and unique partner training methods. Rather than relying on brute strength or pre-arranged sequences, Wing Tsun applies unique principles and strategies to insure victory against a bigger and more aggressive opponent. Wing Tsun will not only challenge you physically, but will also teach you how to examine all forms of interaction in life using its principles and strategies. 


Wing Tsun is based on using the body in an efficient and practical manner against aggression. The techniques of Wing Tsun are very straight-forward, logical, and based on principles rather than acrobatic displays of athleticism. The techniques of Wing Tsun work within a natural range of motion and don't require extreme flexibility or strength to work. Wing Tsun enables the practitioner to adapt its strategies according to an opponent's attack. It is this immediate adaptability and ability to yield that bestow the Wing Tsun practitioner to defend against a vast array of attacks. 


Wing Tsun aims to simplify.  Offense and defense are performed simultaneously rather than in the typical "block/counter' choreographed method often seen in common martial arts. High kicks don't work if you're wearing your favorite skinny jeans, high heels, or haven't warmed up your body for extreme movement. For this reason, Wing Tsun uses low-line kicking to maintain balance while maximizing effectiveness. When encountering a stronger force, the Wing Tsun defender will "stick" to the opponent's attack and yield rather than attempt to stop it. It is this intelligence in movement and deep understanding of self-defense body mechanics that has given Wing Tsun its reputation of being one of the most effective martial arts.

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