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Congratulations! You have been approved for a spot in our 2021 Summer ITC

City Wing Tsun's ITC is unlike any other program that exists.A dynamic, hands-on intensive, specially-designed to help any student dramatically improve their kung fu by training all day, every day for an entire week. The ITC’s fully-immersive program combines intensive technical instruction, heavy sparring, and integrated theory - all under the personal guidance of Sifu Alex Richter. Students train for 6 hours per day, Monday through Friday. During the ITC weekend, Sifu Alex Richter teaches a two day Leadership intensive. Designed to give students unparalleled skills in how to teach and lead by example. Perfect for anyone who has considered teaching Wing Tsun or even for those who would like to improve their overall leadership skills in life. 

This unique training approach instills students with a heightened levels of focus and determination, allowing them to improve their skills drastically in just a few days. 

ITC alumni find the ITC not only advances their skills rapidly over the course of the week, it also helps them absorb new material faster once they return to their regular classes. All of our ITC participants overwhelmingly report a massive leap forward in their Wing Tsun skills. 

See what students are saying about City Wing Tsun's ITC in the video below!

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July 19th - July 25th, 2021

Progressive sparring

ITC training develops fighting skills from the ground up, the way Wing Tsun was designed to be practiced! Sparring training will build skills, cooperatively at first and then progressively increasing the resistance of non-Wing Tsun attacks.

Thematic and Level-Specific Curriculum

This year’s ITC will have a strong focus on footwork in both fighting and in chi sau for all levels. All students will be reviewed on their entire program cumulatively and there will be a serious amount of tough training for all. 201-Level (SL4-8): Chi Sau Program 1, gwo sau, practical fighting, and integrating the 5 ranges of fighting. 301-Level (SL9-12): Integrating Chi Sau Program 2 into practical fighting and gwo sau. Advanced (Primary Technician – 2nd Level): Secrets and tricks to applying the biu tze in sparring. Senior Students (2nd Level Technician +): All 10 chi gerk programs broken down into technical details and practiced for application

Advancement / Exam Prep

All participants (except those at Student Level 8) who successfully participate in all 30 hours of the ITC (M-F) will advance 2 student levels. Student Level 8 students who attend will prepare for the major test at the end of the week and the transition to Student Level 9.


Qualified participants at Student Level 10 and above may take the exam for Primary Level Technician if they have learned the entire 301 program (SL10-Primary TL) before starting the ITC. Eligibility for any advancement at the discretion of Sifu Alex Richter. Monday through Thursday will include individual assessments on all areas of the Technician exam – form, program, application, and theory. Instructors including Sifu Alex assess all students in the program and give feedback on their progress by Thursday. On Friday students will have the chance to demonstrate their progress in any areas that needed improvement. After successful demonstration of the material students will advance in level and/or take the final portion of their exams on Friday evening.

DATES: July 19th - July 25th, 2021

TIMES: Full Camp (Mon. - Fri.) 10 am to 5 pm with a 1 hour lunch break

Weekend Seminars (Sat. & Sun.) 10am - 2pm

LOCATION: City Wing Tsun Athletic Association HQ, NYC, 1024 Sixth Ave 4fl, NY, NY 10018

REQUIREMENTS: Students must have passed the Student Level 3 exam, have learned Chum Kiu, and be finished with the 15 Chi Sau Fundamentals to enroll in the ITC. If you are not sure about your eligibility, please email our head office

Not able to take the week off?

Students are encouraged to sign up and attend as much of the ITC as possible, even if that means only attending for part of the week. Students who aren’t able to attend the weekday classes at all may participate in the weekend guest seminars only.


Please note: Video recording IS NOT PERMITTED during the ITC, but students are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to take notes on what they are learning.


Participation in the ITC is limited to 40 spots. The first 30 spots are reserved for members of the CWTAA with the remaining 5 spots reserved for non-CWTAA students. This enables students to receive plenty of personal attention from Sifu Alex and his team of advanced-level instructors.


The non-CWTAA member price is $1597 for the week.

This price will include the uniform and gear you will need for the week:

1 training shirt 

1 pair of training pants

1 pair of Wing Tsun shoes

1 pair of lat sau gloves

1 chest protector

1 pair of shin guards

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