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Children's Chinese Language & Arts

An Immersion into Chinese Art & Culture!


Our Children's Chinese Language & Arts Program is designed to give your child a fun Saturday that is also highly educational! They will learn self-defense through the ancient art of Chinese Kung Fu, which will also give them improved focus and self-discipline. Hip hop has become extremely popular in Asia and is also an amazing, energetic and fun exercise for your children. They will learn and make up their own choreography with the help of our expert dance instructor! And last but not least, they'll partake in the ultimate brain activity - learning another language! They'll learn to speak and write practical Chinese words and phrases to round out their perfect Saturday.


The Chinese Language and Arts Program is for children age 5-10. Non-refundable registration fee includes 1 uniform tshirt and 1 pair of Kung Fu shoes.
Please pack a lunch that does not required refrigeration or heating up. If a child is sent in without lunch, pizza slice and a bottle of water will be provided to the child for $5/day. Please email to register as well as for our current COVID19 protocol.


10:45 - 11 am: Arrival

11 am - 3 pm: Kung Fu, Cantonese, Lunch & a Movie, Hip Hop Dance Class (order will vary)

3 - 3:14 pm: Dismissal


If one or both parents are currently CWT members:

$40 Registration Fee (non- refundable)


If neither parent is a CWT member:

$50 Registration Fee (non- refundable)

15% Paid-in-full Discount for the whole school year 15% Sibling Discount

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