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This subscription is for ongoing private instruction online with Sifu Alex Richter for CWTAA students/instructors only.  These lessons are scheduled once a week by appointment through ZOOM, preferably at the same time slot weekly.  One missed lesson per month can be made up, but more than 1 missed lesson per month will be forfeited and cannot be made up due to Sifu Alex Richter's time constraints. 


Please note that you must choose the subscription (monthly) plan to get the $349/month price - if you don't choose that you will be charged full price for one month (4 lessons @$100 = $400)


These online private lessons are ideal for Wing Tsun (WT) instructors.  The lessons will be geared towards your individual goals as an instructor for your own training or improving what you teach in your school.  There is no commitment, subscription can be canceled anytime.  

CWTAA 4x Month ONLINE Private Lesson Subscription Sifu Alex Richter

$399.00 Regular Price
$349.00Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
4x Month ONLINE
Private Lesson with Sifu Alex Richter
$349.00every month until canceled
  • Our online shop automatically adds a nominal shipping fee to all items.  As this is not a physical product, please select "NO SHIPPING" at checkout.   For subscriptions, you can remove the nominal shipping fee when you check out after selecting subscription.

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