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This volume is the third release of a five-part series on Wing Chun. In his follow-up to The Little Idea, Sifu Alex dissects the Chum Kiu form in high-detail. Seek the Bridge has the additional notes, context, and Chinese maxims that audiences have come to expect from the Companion Book series. Sifu Alex Richter is a columnist for Wing Chun Illustrated and co-host of the cult podcast, Dudes of Kung fu.

Seek the Bridge is printed in full color! Quantity is limited. Purchase now to ensure a copy for yourself.



“Seek The Bridge, Sifu Alex Richter’s latest addition to his Wing Chun book series, continues his established tradition of producing easy-to-read and outstandingly researched written material on this brilliant system. Approaching 300 pages in length, Seek The Bridge breaks down every aspect of the second form and provides both technical, historical and linguistic details that will make this a “must have” volume in anyone’s martial arts book collection. A perfect companion to The Little Idea.” 

-Sifu David Peterson, Expert of Wong Shun Leung's Ving Tsun


"In the world of martial arts, we're both inspired by and misled by our traditions. The masses tend to adhere to them dogmatically, while only the rarest few are able to contextualize those practices and use them to their potential. Alex Richter is one of those rare few. His lifelong study of Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) is a rarity in and of itself, but the breadth of different lineages he's researched to be able to produce his texts, coupled with his linguistic abilities in the Cantonese source language puts him in the uppermost strata of practitioners, researchers, and writers. 


As someone with a basic familiarity of Wing Chun, I was inspired by reading Richter's latest book on Chum Kiu. It breaks down many concepts of the WT/WC system in a clear, easy-to-understand format, and unlocks the codex that is the second form in the system. While I'd strongly recommend first reading his preceding text on the first WT/WC hand form, Siu Nim Tau, almost any martial arts enthusiast will be able to pick up his book on Chum Kiu and benefit from the way these techniques, principles, and drills are presented. Richly illustrated with full-color photography that vividly illustrates the proper placement and geometry, this book is like undergoing a mental fine-tuning, correcting many of the most common errors & inefficiencies of the popular style's practitioners and enthusiasts. 


Written in an honest and sometimes self-deprecating style, this book is a treasure for any martial arts aficionado's library."

- Dr. Mark Cheng, contributing editor Black Belt Magazine


"Alex Richter is the “Kung Fu Genius”. If you do not believe me, you will need to get his latest book Seek the Bridge: Wing Chun Companion Book 3: Chum Kiu. Alex started studying Wing Tsun in 1999. He teaches at his school in New York City, is a regular columnist to Wing Chun Illustrated, and has a podcast about Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do. He is a busy young man and very well versed in the art of Wing Chun/Wing Tsun. In his new book, Alex breaks down and evaluates Wing Chun’s Chum Kiu form. This is a definitive guide for Chum Kiu that all Wing Chun lineages can benefit from. The information can be a little different from other lineages, but Alex says he is not saying any Wing Chun lineage is right or wrong, just taught or interpreted differently. In each chapter, Alex details the intricacies of how Chum Kiu works and explains the “why” and “how” of the techniques. I like the recap he has at the end of each chapter, like a great technical manual reminding you of the main aspects of what was reviewed or, for future reference, what to look back on. There is a plethora of great knowledge on Wing Chun’s second form packed in this book. Some of the information you may want to plug right into your training. Other information might be a little different than what you study in your lineage, but that does not mean either way is wrong. Open your mind and see what the difference is; you can still add it to your “toolbox”. Do you know how many centrelines there are in the Wing Chun system? When you pick up a copy of this book, you can find the answer in Chapter 3. I think this is an extremely good section of the chapter because it can clear up some misunderstandings about the centreline and help students to have better knowledge on how to use it. In Chapter 10, Examples of Form Uses, Alex explains how to apply the Chum Kiu form in combat. There are photos to show and explain how to use and execute different ways of employing the Chum Kiu form. He not only shows how to correct mistakes that can happen but also how the correction works, step-by-step. Seek the Bridge is geared toward students who have learned and completed Wing Chun’s first form already. If you have not completed the first form, Alex does not discourage you from reading this book. He simply encourages you to get the proper instruction to complete the first form and not jump ahead. I wholeheartedly recommend Seek the Bridge: Companion Book 3: Chum Kiu to all practitioners, no matter the Wing Chun lineage. The depth of knowledge in this volume will help guide your journey while you study this exceptional martial art."


Wing Chun Illustrated Review (Written by Lafayette Harris)

Seek the Bridge - Chum Kiu Companion Book (3rd Edition)

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