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Conveniently Located in Midtown Manhattan between 38th & 39th Streets
Please book your Introductory Lesson in order to visit our school!

Click 'Book Now' to Schedule Your Introductory Class!

Please note, our Intro Program is for 18+ and you must bring a valid i.d. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present.

About Us

The City Wing Tsun Athletic Association (CWTAA) is a network of martial art schools dedicated to promoting the art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu founded by Sifu Alex Richter. The CWTTA is dedicated to setting the highest bar for standards and quality instruction.

Our Association now offers Online Private Training and Online Training Courses for Wing Tsun practitioners and enthusiasts around the world. The level of instruction we offer in our online programs and private lessons adheres to our strict standards of quality and CWTAA precision. All CWTAA instructors have been trained by Sifu Alex Richter himself.

The Benefits of Training Kung Fu at CWT

Become the person you've dreamed of being

Training Wing Tsun Kung Fu at our school is about so much more than self-defense. Though it is an important part, the benefits of training martial arts are much more profound and far-reaching. 

Experience unparalleled self-confidence

Whether at work, with friends or meeting people, wing chun will give you a whole new sense of self-confidence. You will find yourself able to stay calmer under pressure with an unwavering sense of self-esteem and self-assuredness.

Find your permanent health & fitness solution

Martial arts succeeds where traditional fitness systems and gym memberships fail. Everyone experiences dips in motivation, the key is to have a system in place that will help you overcome the difficult times. With an incredible atmosphere and built-in support system, your new Kung fu family will help you achieve your goals. In addition, you will save time, effort and money from useless gym memberships and fitness classes. All your health and fitness needs are met here in one place with professional instructors who care about your progress.

Gain the discipline you've always wanted

Self-discipline is what keeps you on track towards achieving your goals. What helps stay strong in the face of temptation? What allows you to resist succumbing to temporary rewards so you can achieve something bigger and better? Self-discipline. It is the cornerstone of achievement. 

But torturing yourself isn't the answer either. Self-discipline isn't about denying yourself fun and joy. Training wing chun at our school will teach you a whole new way of setting your goals and achieving them. 



Increased focus and stress-relief proven to work

Life isn't always serene and tranquil and, unfortunately, it is often the times when we need to remain calm the most that are the toughest to do so. Wing tsun is an Ancient Chinese art form with a centuries-old, proven track record for giving you stealth-like focus and the ability to remain calm and collected in even the most trying and stressful situations. Your ability to think clearly, remain un-rattled and solve problems will get better, sharper and faster.

A fun and supportive environment

Here at City Wing Tsun, we understand the importance of a great training environment. Our school's culture enables our students to achieve their goals by feeling safe, comfortable and supported. Our students and instructors are wonderful people looking forward to welcoming you to the ranks of one of the most prestigious and accomplished Kung fu schools in North America. 



Click 'Book Now' to Schedule Your Introductory  Class!

PLEASE NOTE: Our Introductory Programs are for first-time students only, living in or commuting to NYC
You must be over 18 years of age otherwise please bring a parent or guardian. Valid I.D. required.
See what our students are saying about training at our school:

Please reach out to us if you have any questions

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